How It Works

1. Start Your Family Legacy Letter

Tell us a little about yourself and select Chapters that represent your life.

2. Respond to Prompts

Go through our Prompts to create your legacy letter.

3. Create Your Book

When you have completed writing of your Family Legacy Letter, click “Create My Book”. We will format your book for printing and send you a proof prior to printing to review. Once you accept as approved, we will print and ship you your hardcover book.

4. Share With Your Family!

Share with your family so that future generations will know you, the life decisions you made, and the values that guided your life.

Family Legacy Letter Process

Frequently Asked Questions

What computer skills do I need to use Family Legacy Letter?

If you can use the Internet, you can use Family Legacy Letter. We want you to feel comfortable. Our program is designed for everyone to enjoy.  With our bi-weekly memory prompts, a user could even simply reply to the emails each week and still fill out a very interesting book.

How long does it take to complete?

Completion time varies greatly from person to person. There is a lot of variation based on how much you want to complete etc.    It will take putting some hours in to create a document such as Legacy Letter, but we are confident this is the fastest and easiest way currently available to create the heirloom quality level of final product that you will end up with. With 1-Year access you can use at whatever pace is most comfortable to you.

Who edits the book at the end of the process?

After you go through the prompts/questions section and mark your book complete, we then compile your answers, stories, and photos into a book format. You will then be able to preview a proof of your book prior to printing and request edits at that time.

Can I add photos?

While a Family Legacy Letter is not intended to be used to create a purely photo book, you can add up to 100 photos to your book. In each memory prompt in the app, there is a button to add a photo under the prompt.   Or, if you are replying to the emails primarily, you can include as attachment in your response.  Alternatively, at the end of the process, when you are ready to have the book created, you can send a batch to be included as a photo section.

Is there a page limit to my book?

Books are limited to 400 pages in length due to printing process.  Average final book length is around 100 pages.

Can I order additional copies of my hardcover book?

Yes!  You can order additional copies of your printed book here:

What are the minimum computer specifications?

Family Legacy Letter is browser-based, these are the minimum versions we’re compatible with.
Chrome 18 and later
Firefox 24 and later
Safari 7 or later
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 9 – 11

I’d like to use Family Legacy Letter to create a book of a single event (Wedding, Athletic Season, Annual Photo Memory Book, etc.), can this system work for that?

Family Legacy Letter is designed to create a book of your life via a series of memory prompts spanning many years and aspects of life. Our system can accommodate custom chapters, custom fields etc., but our system is not designed for being a pure photo book or to just highlight one event.

I’ve written my book in Word, and would like to turn that document into a book. Is this program a good way to do that?

The Family Legacy Letter system is designed to help users generate a great document of their life by using our prompts and then responding to them via the app or emails.  Sometimes, our customers have started this process and not gotten too far on their own and are looking for a better solution. If you have started writing an autobiography, we are happy to try and help you incorporate your previous work.  However, Family Legacy Letter is not a page layout program intended to import a large text file to turn into a book and edit that way.   We are a program to help generate the book content primarily and to then output that generated content into a final book.